AOC SLAMS Greene’s NYC Rally, This Will Crack You Up

AOC Cheers on Public’s Reaction to Greene’s Trump Rally: High School-Level View

Picture this: you’re holding a peaceful rally to support someone you believe in, and people start heckling and trying to drown out your message. That’s what happened to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene when she led a protest against former President Donald Trump’s indictment. Instead of showing respect for her right to express her opinion, Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took to Twitter to praise the “social consequences” Greene faced and called her actions “shameless bigotry.”

But Greene didn’t let the heckling or AOC’s tweet get to her. She continued to speak up for Trump, saying the protest was about standing up for an innocent man. And when the mayor warned her to be on her “best behavior,” Greene made it clear that she was protesting peacefully.

What can we learn from this? As Republicans, we need to stick together and fight for our values, even when others try to shut us down. Let’s be inspired by Greene’s determination and work together to make our country better.