Another Transparency Issue, You’ll Never Guess Where

The Biden administration’s lack of transparency regarding visitor logs is deeply concerning. President Joe Biden’s Delaware homes remain shrouded in secrecy, with the U.S. Secret Service refusing to release emails identifying visitors. This refusal raises questions about the administration’s commitment to openness and accountability.

While Republicans have been demanding transparency on Biden’s visitor logs, their calls have largely been met with resistance and silence. The media and Democrats, who claim to champion transparency, have conveniently remained quiet on this issue. The double standard is clear.

The Secret Service justifies its refusal by claiming that these emails are not subject to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), citing a court ruling related to former President Donald Trump’s visitor information.

However, this ruling does not apply to Biden’s residences in Delaware or Washington, D.C., making the Secret Service’s stance questionable.

The lack of transparency extends beyond the visitor logs themselves. Earlier this year, amidst a scandal involving potentially illegal possession of classified documents, the Secret Service claimed to be “gathering” information on visitors to Biden’s Delaware home.

However, requests from Senators Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson for the visitor logs have been met with delays and equivocation.

Transparency is a fundamental principle of a functioning democracy. It allows citizens to hold their elected officials accountable and fosters trust in government institutions.

The Biden administration’s refusal to release visitor logs raises concerns about what they are trying to hide and undermines the public’s trust.

Source conservativebrief