Another Surprise In The Political Landscape, You’ll Never Guess Who

Our nation stands at a pivotal moment, where the very fabric of our democracy is under threat. The regime of President Joe Biden operates like a puppeteer, pulling the strings and orchestrating changes that put partisan agendas on autopilot, effectively silencing the voice of the people.

Having served in Congress, I have long believed in the power of elections to restore liberty and prosperity to America. However, the Biden administration, under the guise of “saving our democracy,” has proven to be a major obstacle to representative government.

In my recently published book, “The Puppeteers: Exposing the Hidden Hands Behind America’s Control,” I uncover the sinister workings of this puppet regime. Federal agencies, public schools, professional organizations, unions, and scientific research institutions have all become pawns in the hands of the Democratic Party. I shed light on the puppeteers and the tactics they employ to expand their power and implement harmful policies.

President Biden often claims to be the savior of democracy, but his proposed actions are far from democratic. He seeks to give the government an increased say in our lives, from determining which cars we can purchase to influencing our investment decisions. He even wants to dictate the racial composition of job candidates and manipulate ballot collection efforts. These measures do not protect democracy; they merely secure Democratic majorities.

Consider Biden’s executive order in March 2021, which directed federal agencies to “get out the vote.” However, it is crucial to note that elections are primarily run by local governments, not the federal government. Despite this fact, Biden’s order instructs federal agencies to target specific groups for voting, conveniently aligning with strong Democratic voting blocs.

The puppeteers behind the Biden administration are establishing mechanisms to ensure that power remains firmly in their hands, regardless of the will of the voters. Even if a president from a different party is elected, dismantling their wide-ranging programs could prove to be an arduous task. They exploit rulemaking authority to force companies to comply with progressive ideologies, suppress dissent, and monitor innocent Americans.

These new regulations stipulate hiring practices that align with progressive agendas, hand over education curriculum development to teachers unions with specific political leanings, and reward federal contracts to those who espouse approved viewpoints.

Reclaiming our country requires us to acknowledge that we are engaged in a new battle. While winning elections remains vital, it may no longer be sufficient on its own. We must rally support from states and state elected officials to challenge the unconstitutional power grabs of federal bureaucrats. By fighting on constitutional grounds, we can safeguard our rights and restore the balance of power between federal and state levels of government.

Let us stand together, my fellow Republicans, in defense of the principles upon which our great nation was built. Together, we can overcome the puppet regime of Joe Biden and ensure that the voice of the people remains strong and unwavering in shaping the future of America.

Source Fox News