Another Striking Decision By A Congresswoman, You’ll Never Guess Who

Representative Lauren Boebert, a staunch defender of our nation’s borders and the rule of law, has introduced articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden. In an exclusive interview with Fox News Digital, Boebert explained her decision and the need for action.

Expressing her disappointment with other committees and leadership, Boebert stressed the urgency of addressing Biden’s failure to secure our southern border. If they fail to act, she vows to bring forth the impeachment legislation under a privileged motion.

Boebert’s impeachment process would involve bringing the articles to the House floor and reading them in their entirety. Leadership would then have a maximum of two days to respond, determining whether the articles proceed to committee or a vote.

The congresswoman has also cosponsored Representative Andy Ogles’ articles of impeachment against Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. She firmly believes that any action holding Biden accountable for his constitutional violations must be supported.

Boebert calls upon her fellow Republicans to use their majority in the House to take immediate action against the Biden administration. She emphasizes the severity of Biden’s neglect of his constitutional duty and the importance of fulfilling their duty as representatives.

Representative Lauren Boebert’s introduction of articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden highlights her unwavering commitment to upholding the Constitution and protecting our nation’s security. Her actions demonstrate her dedication to defending the American people.

Source Fox News