Another Scandal Emerges at the White House, You’ll Never Guess Who’s at the Center

Is Maureen Dowd finally waking up to the reality of Joe Biden’s true character, or is the liberal media suddenly feeling bold enough to criticize the president? The New York Times columnist recently berated Biden for ignoring his seventh grandchild, Navy Joan Roberts.

Dowd, along with her Republican sister Peggy, expressed shock at Biden’s unkindness towards his out-of-wedlock granddaughter. It seems like Dowd and her sister have finally caught on to what millions of Americans have known for a while: Joe Biden is a fraud.

Despite his carefully cultivated image as a genial and grandfatherly figure, recent reports have revealed a different side of Biden. Axios published an article titled “”Old Yeller,”” highlighting his bad temper, “”rages,”” and “”moodiness.”” This contradicts the kindly uncle persona he presents to the public.

Furthermore, Biden’s actions in office have contradicted his promises of moderation and unity. In his pursuit of the 2020 election victory, he aligned himself with Bernie Sanders and adopted the progressive agenda, resulting in a staggering $4.6 trillion in new spending.

This has led to inflation and a decline in middle-class incomes. Biden has also been divisive, launching blistering attacks on Republicans and using the Justice Department to suppress dissent.

The president’s pledge to restore decency and honesty to the White House has also been shattered. Allegations of bribery and payoffs from foreign companies during his vice presidency have emerged, with a majority of voters believing these charges to be true. Instead of addressing these allegations, Biden dismisses them as “”malarkey”” and avoids accountability.

Biden’s approval ratings have plummeted, with a 14-point underwater rating, worse than any president since Jimmy Carter. Even journalists on the left are beginning to question his ability to run for another term, acknowledging his declining mental acuity.

A recent poll by Real Clear Politics even shows Biden losing to Donald Trump in a potential 2024 matchup. Democrats cannot afford to ignore these signs. If Biden does not experience a major turnaround, more defections from his camp and attacks from former allies can be expected. The possibility of Kamala Harris becoming the Democratic candidate is not an appealing prospect for many.

It is clear that Joe Biden’s true character is being exposed, and people are realizing that he is not the leader he pretends to be. The challenges he faces and the dissatisfaction among the American people cannot be ignored. It remains to be seen how his presidency will unfold in the coming years.

Source Fox News