Another political bombshell: You’ll Never Guess Who made this move.

Several House Republicans are voicing their frustration over Representative Lauren Boebert’s recent attempt to impeach President Biden without going through the committee process. Boebert’s privileged resolution caught members of her own party off guard, prompting concerns about the need for thorough investigations and proper procedures.

Chairman James Comer of the House Oversight Committee expressed his displeasure with Boebert’s approach, noting the committee’s ongoing investigation into corruption allegations against the Biden family. He believes that the committee’s work should be completed before any potential impeachment actions take place.

Other Republican representatives, such as Don Bacon of Nebraska and Kelly Armstrong of North Dakota, emphasized the importance of following regular order and avoiding the politicization of impeachment. They advocated for utilizing the Judiciary Committee or Oversight Committee to ensure a fair and fact-based approach.

While some Republicans have indicated they would vote against Boebert’s resolution, others believe that impeachment should be pursued through the appropriate channels. Former Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke suggested that the Judiciary Committee, led by Jim Jordan, would be the appropriate venue for a thorough examination.

The fate of Boebert’s resolution remains uncertain, as Republicans grapple with the best way to address their concerns regarding the Biden administration.

Finding a consensus on the appropriate course of action poses challenges, but Republicans are committed to scrutinizing the investigation findings and determining the best path forward in service of the American people.

Stay tuned for further updates on this evolving situation.

Source Fox News