Another Major Shift On The Horizon, You’ll Never Guess Who

A recent article published in the New York Post has sparked discussions about Vice President Kamala Harris’ chances of assuming the presidency. According to writer Michael Goodwin, Harris stands just one step away from the White House if President Biden were to step down or face significant obstacles.

Critics argue that Harris’ frequent word salads and consistently low approval ratings make the idea of a Harris presidency concerning. A mid-May poll conducted by Monmouth University revealed that only 37% of respondents approved of Harris’ job performance. Similarly, a Fox News poll from April found that her approval rating stands at a meager 43%.

On Fox News’ “The Big Weekend Show,” commentator Tom Shillue expressed his skepticism about the Democratic Party’s situation with Harris. He highlighted the lack of popular support for Harris, even considering her past criticism of Biden. Shillue also noted that her performance in office has not improved; in fact, it has worsened.

Anita Vogel, another co-host on the show, acknowledged Harris’ impressive credentials, such as her law degree and her previous positions as district attorney and California attorney general. However, Vogel expressed confusion about Harris’ public persona and performance when she appears before the cameras.

Fellow co-host Mollie Hemingway found Harris’ situation intriguing due to her extensive list of accomplishments. Hemingway emphasized that Harris’ value to the Democratic Party seems to be primarily superficial. Removing her from office would likely anger a significant portion of their electorate, but she does not contribute substantially to the ticket.

Considering the challenges and concerns surrounding Kamala Harris, it is crucial to evaluate her performance and qualifications critically. The potential path to the presidency for Harris remains uncertain, and it is essential to prioritize stability and effective leadership for the future of our nation.

Source Fox News