Another major scandal rocks the political landscape.

The recent Trump indictment has ignited a transformation in the political landscape, prompting even some conservatives to reevaluate their views on the former president.

The Wall Street Journal’s scathing editorial, titled “The Self-Destructive Donald Trump,” raises concerns about the Justice Department’s use of prosecutorial power and questions Trump’s ability to deliver conservative policy victories if he were to secure a second term. This shift in conservative discourse marks a significant departure from the once-taboo topic of Republican criticism of Trump.

Prominent Republicans like Mike Pence, Ron DeSantis, and Nikki Haley have expressed varying levels of concern over the allegations presented in the indictment. Pence, having read the indictment, admitted his inability to defend the alleged actions.

DeSantis went as far as suggesting he would have faced court-martial for similar conduct during his time in the Navy. While Haley acknowledged potential risks to national security, she also mentioned the possibility of pardoning Trump if she were elected.

The Trump team may employ various legal strategies to slow down the prosecution, such as seeking intervention from a future Republican president or attempting to have the case dismissed.

Trump’s lawyers could exclude certain notes quoting the former president or pursue appeals. The involvement of Trump-appointed judge Aileen Cannon in the Florida case could introduce further delays.

Despite the current wave of criticism, it is crucial to note that the media has previously predicted Trump’s downfall numerous times, only to witness him emerge unscathed. Trump’s ability to overcome challenges in the past cannot be underestimated.

The Trump indictment has undoubtedly sparked a notable shift in the political landscape, leading conservatives to engage in more critical discussions about the former president. As the legal proceedings unfold, the implications for Trump’s political future and the Republican Party remain uncertain.

Source Fox News