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Police in Michigan have uncovered another hate crime hoax, leading to the arrest of a 54-year-old gay rights leader.

Nikki Joly has been accused of starting the fire that consumed his home and ended the lives of five pets in 2017.

A sad turn of events, as July was largely seen as a positive force in the community. Joly spoke out on many issues including pursuing a gay pride parade and anti-discrimination laws for the community. Joly was even named Citizen of the Year by a local newspaper. 

Unfortunately all that good will didn’t add up to enough for Joly, who sought to use a fabricated hate crime as a means to increase his public image.

During the investigation of the case it was discovered that on the day Joly’s rental home burned down, he had purchased $10 worth of gasoline. Gasoline traces were also found on Joly’s clothing and inside the burned home.

The attorney for Joly, Daniel Barnett, claims that the idea Joly would do such a thing for fame doesn’t make sense. “He was citizen of the year,” Barnett said. “There was plenty of media coverage already before the fire.” 

While the case has not been concluded yet, it’s fair to say that after Jussie Smollett’s media hoax law enforcement are going to be very thorough in their investigation. Unfortunately for Joly, there already seem to be some red flags.



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