Another Country Pivots Away from the US, You’ll Never GUESS Who

Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., warned about a new “axis of evil” that is emerging, centered on Beijing, and comprising China, Russia, and Iran. Speaking to Sean Hannity, Cotton said history can repeat itself, pointing to the formation of the Confederate States of America in 1860, and World War I and II in the 20th century, which broke out due to similar nefarious alliances.

Cotton said President Biden’s weakness and tendency to blame America and its allies first is contributing to the formation of the new axis of evil. Cotton also criticized Biden for not taking action against China, despite the country’s rising influence in all parts of the globe, including in Latin America, where Brazil’s new liberal President has turned to China.

The Arkansas senator warned that if the U.S. does not learn from the lessons of history and act against the new axis of evil, the consequences could be catastrophic for U.S. national security and the world at large.