Another controversial statement from a public figure!

Vice President Kamala Harris finds herself in the midst of a heated controversy following her tweet advocating for an assault weapons ban. In her social media post, she categorically stated that “weapons of war have no place on the streets of a civil society” and urged Congress to enact the ban, assuring President Biden’s support.

Critics wasted no time in responding to Harris’ tweet. Dr. Mark Young, a well-known radio host and author, took to Twitter, proposing a challenge: “Let’s ban all weapons that are actually used on a battlefield. That doesn’t include AR15s.”

The American Firearms Association, known for its strong support of gun rights, ridiculed Harris’ position, stating, “laughs in bimbo Kamala Why did we leave $7 billion worth of real weapons of war on the streets of Afghanistan? Because they aren’t suitable for civil society!”

Patrick Parsons, executive vice president of the American Firearms Association, swiftly chimed in, declaring, “Thanks to your tweet, we’re heading out to buy more firearms this weekend, Kamala!”

Dana Loesch, a former NRA spokesperson and radio host, reminded Harris of the historical role that weapons of war played in the founding of our nation: “They were instrumental in building this society. You won’t ban anything, and Biden won’t sign anything.”

The debate surrounding Harris’ tweet brought up the important issue of an armed citizenry as a defense against tyranny. Attorney Kostas Moros emphasized, “Societies require ‘weapons of war’ because tyrants throughout history have made them anything but civilized.”

The Firearms Policy Coalition, a prominent gun advocacy group, echoed this sentiment, asserting, “We won’t negotiate our natural right to self-defense. Stand with us or step aside.”

Critics also pointed out the perceived hypocrisy of Harris advocating for disarmament while benefiting from armed security personnel. Representative Thomas Massie of Kentucky directly challenged Harris, stating, “Your bodyguards and various ‘civil’ agencies possess the same firearms you label as weapons of war.”

Steve Cortes, national spokesman for the Ron DeSantis PAC, added to the discussion, calling for an inventory of Harris’ security team’s weapons: “Why are they entitled to such firearms, while regular citizens are not? The Second Amendment guarantees our right to bear arms.”

Kamala Harris’ call for an assault weapons ban has sparked intense debate. As Republican voters, it is crucial that we protect our Second Amendment rights and hold politicians accountable for their positions.

Stay tuned as we bring you the latest developments on this issue.

Source Fox News