Another Contender Enters The Race, You’ll Never Guess Who

Greetings, fellow Republicans! Get ready for some exciting news! A recent poll conducted by Virginia Commonwealth University has shown that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is gaining significant traction as a potential challenger against President Biden in the 2024 elections in Virginia.

The survey indicates that in a hypothetical match-up between the GOP nominee and Biden, DeSantis holds an edge over our former President, Donald Trump. While we admire Trump’s America First policies, it’s encouraging to see DeSantis resonating with the people of Virginia.

In the 2022 rematch scenario, Trump garners 40% of the vote, with Biden slightly ahead at 43%. In a face-off between DeSantis and Biden, both candidates lock in 41% support, suggesting that DeSantis has a genuine shot at securing Virginia’s crucial electoral votes and challenging Biden’s policies.

An overwhelming 54% of respondents expressed their disapproval of how Biden is handling his presidency. It’s no secret that Biden’s policies have had negative consequences for our economy, security, and liberties.

Beyond the presidential race, Virginia is also gearing up for a significant statewide election. While Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin has not announced his intentions to run for the Senate, the poll indicates that 42% of respondents would support him if he does. This shows a strong vote of confidence in our Republican leadership.

However, the poll also highlights that 47% of respondents would vote for the current Democratic Senator, Tim Kaine. It underscores the importance of rallying behind Republican candidates who uphold conservative values and prioritize the interests of the people.

Former Virginia Governor L. Douglas Wilder aptly said, “”Voters are looking for leadership at all levels and want their voices heard.”” This is our opportunity to stand up for our values, advocate for conservative principles, and ensure that our voices are heard.

The 2024 elections will be a defining moment for our party and our nation. With strong contenders like Ron DeSantis and a growing awareness of the shortcomings of the Biden administration, we have a genuine chance to reclaim the White House and continue the mission of making America great again!

So, fellow patriots, let’s maintain our enthusiasm, stay engaged, and work tirelessly to secure a brighter future for our beloved nation. Together, we can overcome any challenge and bring about the positive change our country so dearly needs. Onwards to victory!

Source Fox News