Another Bike Ride, Another Controversy: Biden’s Latest Move.

Greetings, fellow Republican voters! We’ve got an interesting piece of news to dissect today as President Biden took a leisurely bike ride with Secret Service agents and medical staff in Delaware. But let’s delve deeper into the story.

As Biden cycled past reporters from the White House press corps, he jovially greeted them with a “”How are ya?”” It’s always good to see a president enjoying a bike ride, isn’t it?

The bike ride, however, comes amidst a brewing scandal involving Hunter Biden’s business dealings in Ukraine and beyond. Recently, a former associate of Hunter, Devon Archer, testified before Congress, revealing some intriguing details.

According to Archer’s testimony, Biden had been in touch with Hunter’s business partners on no less than 20 occasions over a ten-year period. This raises eyebrows and questions about Biden’s claims of not being involved in his son’s business activities.

Republicans are understandably concerned about this new information, as it casts doubt on Biden’s statements. On the other hand, Democrats are attempting to downplay the significance of the phone calls, arguing that Biden’s involvement was minimal.

While some Republicans are pushing for impeachment, others caution against it, fearing it might backfire and make Biden a martyr in the eyes of his supporters. It’s essential for us to handle this situation strategically and ensure the truth comes to light.

As the situation unfolds, let’s remain vigilant and united as Republican voters. Together, we can seek the truth and hold those in power accountable.

Source Fox News