Another Approval Poll Result, You’ll Never Guess Who’s On The Chopping Block

A recent poll conducted by the Associated Press and the National Opinion Research Center (AP-NORC) at the University of Chicago has revealed the persisting skepticism among Americans regarding President Biden’s ability to handle the economy. The survey, conducted from May 11 to May 15, sampled 1,680 U.S. adults and reported a margin of error of 3.4%.

The findings of the poll indicate that Biden’s approval rating on economic issues stands at a mere 33%. This rating reflects the growing concerns among Republican voters and the broader population about the effectiveness of his economic policies. Additionally, the survey reveals that Americans are equally doubtful of Biden’s capabilities in handling guns and immigration, with approval ratings of just 31% for both issues.

Although Biden’s overall approval rating has experienced a slight increase to 40% since earlier this year, when it hit a low of 36%, it remains far from satisfactory. These numbers indicate that a significant portion of the American public remains unconvinced by Biden’s economic approach and his ability to address pressing challenges.

One area where Biden’s administration has faced intense criticism is immigration. The termination of Title 42, a policy implemented during the Trump era, has led to a surge in illegal immigration, with record-breaking numbers observed under Biden’s tenure. The consequences of this decision have only heightened concerns among Republican voters who prioritize border security.

Former President Trump consistently outperformed Biden in polls regarding economic issues and immigration. Trump’s handling of inflation and his tough stance on immigration garnered greater confidence from the American people.

As the 2024 re-election campaign approaches, Biden must confront these challenges directly and present concrete plans to address the economy and immigration. The American people demand effective strategies that will stimulate economic growth, protect the Second Amendment rights, and restore confidence in border security. Only through decisive actions and a clear vision can Biden regain the trust of passionate Republican voters and the wider electorate.

Source Fox News