Another 2024 Election Prediction, You’ll Never GUESS Who’s Making It

Former President Donald Trump’s comments on President Joe Biden’s re-election bid have drawn criticism from some Republicans. While many GOP lawmakers have remained silent on the issue, some have spoken out against Trump’s comments.

Senator Mitt Romney, a frequent critic of Trump, called Trump’s comments “unfortunate” and “baseless.” He added that “there’s no evidence to suggest that President Biden won’t run for re-election, and it’s not for anyone else to make that determination.”

Senator Susan Collins also criticized Trump’s comments, saying they are “unhelpful” and “distracting.” She added that “we should be focusing on important issues facing the country, not baseless attacks.”

Other Republicans have expressed similar sentiments, with some calling for an end to the focus on personalities and instead urging lawmakers to focus on policy issues. They argue that the country needs solutions to problems like inflation, healthcare, and climate change, and that these issues should be the focus of the national conversation.