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She should’ve done a little research before speaking. But then again, she is a liberal…

A terrible tragedy unfolded on Saturday morning in El Paso, Texas. A man who just turned 21-years-old walked into a Walmart and began shooting.

As of Saturday evening, 20 people are reported to have died. Even more are injured.

Good Samaritans lined up to donate blood, water, and food to the victims.

Nearly every Democrat and their mother hopped on the gun control wagon almost immediately.

Far-left actress Alyssa Milano now wants the world’s largest employer to stop selling guns that they don’t even sell – if you can figure that one out.

We’re in shock over the tragic events at Cielo Vista Mall in El Paso, where store 2201 & club 6502 are located. We’re praying for the victims, the community & our associates, as well as the first responders. We’re working closely with law enforcement & will update as appropriate.

Hey, @Walmart! This would be a great opportunity for you to take a true leadership position and stop selling guns.


If people did a scintilla of research instead offering up knee jerk reactions like this, we’d all be better off. Walmart stopped selling firearms like this in 2015 and they only sell handguns in their Alaska stores.

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  1. Seems rants like this are the only way she can be in the news. Just another washed up Hollywood liberal hack. Its amazing they think they know more than anyone else.

    • Who give a crap what these so called stars have to say about anything? What the hell have they ever done to help anyone? All they do is run their stupid know nothing mouths, if they are so concerned, why don’t they help clean up, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland and Seattle on the western seaboard! Why don’t they help these cities get the homeless of the streets and in shelter or hospitals where they can get medical and mental health cared? I’ll tell you why, because they don’t really give a shit, they just like to make waves and stir up trouble without ever offering any solutions!

  2. HA!!!!!!!
    Typical Stupid Ass “Liberal” blowing smoke out of Her Ass before knowing WTF the real Story is … WTF!!!!!! Don’t check out things before spewing your …idiosyncrasies, dub Ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How the “F” do we Americans “Get Rid” of these Stupid Ass Fucking Liberal “Libtards,” …. HOW??????????

    They REALLY Need to ………………”GO THE “F” AWAY and Yes …. leave this Country, now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Go to some “””SOCIALIST/COMMIE”””” Country and live Like what they think is Politically Correct and see if Their Stupidity and Ignorance pay dividends for them!!!!!!!

    • Very good, Linda. I think it is the 20+ Democrat candidates and Mama Obama that are sending up these false flags. The POS Media blames Republicans and then it is found out these people are Democrats and Satan worshippers. And, that Milano moron is a POS.

  3. Why wasn’t she at the wal mart when this took place. Maybe she might have realized how terrible something like this is and that it wasn’t the gun that pulled the trigger.

  4. apology not accepted. This is becoming so typical among dems. Forget the tragedy, forget the pain and suffering of the families and the community. Dems just want to point a finger and play this mightier than thou crap. All our prayers are with El Paso and Dayton.

  5. Did anybody hear one word of sympathy come out of Milani’s mouth for the people who were slaughtered, and their family members who are grieving their deaths and the people who are in hospitals fighting to survive. The answer is no. Milano once again needs to get her head out of her own butt and for once have some human decency and care about other people. She is literally walking on the graves of the poor slaughtered victims with no conscience at all.

  6. HEY Alyssa , Pull Your Head out of your Ass and Smell the Roses !!
    Walmart does NOT sell Firearms !! Gee , You are a FRIGGING IDIOT !!!

  7. Once again Milano opens her mouth and stupidity spews out!

    Guns dear are not the problem, in fact, a good guy with a Gun is actually credited by authorities for SAVING many people including children’s Lives!

    Why not look at liberal policies that prevent families from compelling their adult children from getting the Mental health treatments they need – EVEN if it is Against their Will!

    This kid obviously has mental problems- but you go straight to Guns – and I am sure Trump blaming will be right behind – you are all so transparent it is pathetic. It is you and your Dems who are to blame for the lack of help for people with mental illness.

    Step out of your mansion door, look up from tweeting when your limo driver takes you down the road- All those HOMELESS US Citizens you IGNOR on a daily Basis- 1/3rd Are Mentally Ill!!!
    But your liberal-compassion is as shortsighted and ignorant as you are! Your party wants to make sure we do not “force” them to get help, we do not want to infringe on their freedoms right? at least not until the kill a bunch of people- Then we Blame Guns and Republicans right?!

    Go F yourself, I am so very Sick of your idiocy that I wish YOU had been in the Walmart in El Paso yesterday- but of course, YOU would Never be so Low Brow as to mingle with the Smelly Trump supporters who shop there Right?!

    Maybe the guy was a left-wing liberal- who could not afford the black Antifa mask….Blame the DEMS!
    How does it feel to have people cast unfounded shade on you! But that would never stop our ilk, will it?

  8. Socialists will not be happy until they have taken away all our guns and left us defenseless, not only from criminals but a tyrannical government such as they propose.

  9. TYPICAL “NUT-JOB” who does NOT know what she is even talking about…..BTW, if we let these libturds take our guns away, DON’T worry, there is a HUGE black market for guns right here in America, thanks to the MEXICAN CARTELS that the “dimlibs” SUPPORT and LOVE, so, if push comes to shove, EVERYBODY needs to hit the black GUN market so that these IDIOTS won’t have a CLUE of “who” it is that have GUNS and will use them for PROTECTION against the Government’s TYRANNY…..AMERICA gun-LESS…NO way…NEVER, EVER.!!!!!

  10. I’m sure she can relate to the shooter as she also has severe mental problems. I honestly think it’s from spending too many years on Harvey’s casting couch!!! Ouch!

  11. Milano, another left wing nut in Hollywood, (land of all of the flakes and liars). I guess that she dose not stay in touch with reality, but, with the amount of drug abuse in that part of the country, how could they be aware of the true facts of reality in this country. I firmly believe that they want all of this to happen to keep every one away from what they are doing illegally in there little hole in Hollywood. But they are doing the democrap thing, blame every one else for what they helped to create. Then they think that they are polititions just because they are actors. But all I can see is a lot of bad acting, on and off the movie screen.

  12. Alyssa Milano is just a has been washed up actor who will say anything even stupid eneducated comments trying despertly to keep her name in the news. She never was a good actor to start with!


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