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Trump has the left HEATED…

Democrats flicked the switch to hyperbolic outrage as they struggled to outdo each other in condemning President Trump for calling Rep. Elijah Cummings a “brutal bully” to border patrol officials.

Trump added the congressman’s district should be investigated for all of the federal money invested.

First off was Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT on CNN’s “State of the Union” who said:

It’s unbelievable that we have a President of the United States who attacks American cities, who attacks Americans, who attacks somebody who is a friend of mine, Elijah Cummings is one of the most decent and outstanding members of the House of Representatives. He fights every day to improve life in his community.

Then came Judiciary Committee chairman Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY).

Well, the president is as he usually is often is disgusting and racist. They’re designed to distract attention from the very serious allegations about his conduct that came from the committee hearings this week. The fact is, the president accepted help from the Russians to attack our election. His campaign worked with the Russians, that’s undisputed, and he works hard to cover up to cover those crimes and committed more crimes. He’s trying to change the subject.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) also went to bat for Cummings, decrying the president as “racist.”

“@RepCummings is a champion in the Congress and the country for civil rights and economic justice, a beloved leader in Baltimore, and deeply valued colleague,” she tweeted. “We all reject racist attacks against him and support his steadfast leadership.”

Next upon the Twitter parade was Joe Biden.

Cory Booker was also quick to add his take:



  1. Trump tells it like it is and the commiecrats can’t stand it! Baltimore like many cities controlled by the left are sanctuary pits of tent cities, druggies, homeless lost people. and illegal aliens. Thee cities harbor illegals and the taxpayers are taxed to pay for it. Sick! WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!

  2. Trump is an equal opportunity critic. He points out problems where he sees them and it does not matter if you are purple or green, you will get his message. He is not afraid of you. Your racist claims are completely baseless.

  3. You swore to uphold the constitution when you were sworn into Congress which you are not doing. You punch Rump he punches back. We are tired of you democrats lying and trying to make Trump look bad and racist when it is you who are racist. You have the Antifa you won’t condemn just like when you brought about The KKK. You are racist. Quit complaining about the border and Ice and the border patrol if you continually refuse to come together with Republicans and work on immigration reform. You are despicable and should be thrown out of Congress for bilking taxpayers out of hard earned money for you to do nothing for 3 years and counting.

  4. Was that four or five Democrats in that DROVE? And, none of them are worth a good gosh dang. May they all be charged with treason and hanged.

  5. Oh, Ok so Message to all US citizens if you live in a cesspool like Baltimore, you have NO Right to Complain or Express any Critisum Because it is led by a PERSON OF COLOR- WHO THEREFORE CAN DO NO WRONG!!!

    You all must be happy becuse a Politician of Color is Running your city/state and you are a Very Privoleged group!

    How dare All of you Racists point out the facts!!!


    Yawn, this Race Card is getting too old, so overplayed it has lost allllll of its meaning and Dems are endanger of realizing if EVERONE is a Racest then NO One is! Get over it people if someone like Cummings who has grown filthy Rich off of his Govt salary for decades cannot be held responsible for the Crime, poverty, filth, and decay of his cities then who praytell is responsible. Baltimore did not just suddenly become a shithole in the past two years- so who MR. Commings is to Blame?

  6. This isn’t true

    Only the corrupt lying hollywood neverTRUMP demoncrats

    are coming out in droves

    whom want to be many bit aren’t

    whom are wanting/trying to speak for

    many US citizens who use to be demoncrats but aren’t anymore

    hollywood has/is allowing themselves to the deceived & self’deceived

    which is such ashame with all hateful demonic stupidities

    what a shame – what a shamefulness hollywood has purposely become!!!


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