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When will this stop?

Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) recent sat down with NPR’s “Morning Edition” and surprised viewers and insisted that he wants to continue investigating President Trump’s “misconduct” by issuing a subpoena of acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

According to Breitbart, NPR’s Steve Inskeep questioned, “Two officials, I could name many, but two officials still in the administration that you wanted to hear from — Mick Mulvaney and Secretary of State Pompeo — do you still want to hear from them?”

Schiff responded, “I would still like to hear from them. But we have to make the decision about next steps in consultation with our caucus and our leadership.”

Adding, “what we’ll need to weigh is the need to validate Congress’ oversight authority, the need to make sure the American people understand the full length and breadth of the president’s misconduct, as well as others in the administration that were part of the misconduct. And at the same time, the imperative of keeping our legislative agenda first and foremost and striking the right balance between the two.” You can watch a clip of Schiff’s outrageous comments here.



  1. Mad with power is an understatement – -mad as in absolutely maniacally loony is more like it. Can’t wait to see all these demented dimwitted commies marched off the hill and into a courtroom where they will be tried for treason and fraud and, immediately, led to a brick wall to face a US military firing squad.

    • ?????? All political parties, including our own Republican party has some of both. That doesn’t make them lunatics. It just makes life more difficult for them, but Pelosi, Nadler et al? They bring it on themselves.

  2. Schiff you Ignorant lying son of a bitch your a no good looser and an embarrasment to this country Quit wasting taxpayers money on your witch hunts and start doing what your elected to do you Piece of shit !

  3. Adam (Bugeyes) Schiff is clinging to what ever power he and his caucus has! Hopefully he and the Socialist/Liberal/Demwits will lose all their power and be consigned to the back benches in the Legislatures!

  4. But we have to make the decision about next steps in consultation with our caucus and our leadership’, how to create the next sham and not look as foolish as Russian Collusion, Spy gate, Ukrainian interference, Kavanaugh,,,,,
    Sorry Schiff, it will always look foolish, your results, the Socialists running your ‘Caucus’ are going to replace you regardless…. for… looking like a fool!!!!

  5. It’s too bad there is no way, other than elections to remove Schiff from office. Pelosi will never remove him on ethics charges when she herself is guilty of the same. And with both being from California – the land of fruit and nuts (and I don’t mean agricultural) – they are in safe dumb Democrat districts, as is Waters.


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