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Yes, even cocaine, meth, and heroin…

2020 presidential hopeful mayor Pete Buttigieg recently appeared on the Des Moines Register where he insisted that drug possession should not result in any jail time.

According to Breitbart, Buttigieg stated, “Incarceration should not even be a response to drug possession. What I have seen is while there continues to be all kinds of harms associated with drug possession and use, it is also the case that we have created in an effort to deal with a public health problem, we have created an even bigger problem — a justice problem, and it’s own form of a health problem when you think about the adverse aspects on a child. We have kids in South Bend who have grown up with the incarnation of a parent as one of their first experiences. That makes them dramatically more likely to wind up themselves having an encounter with the criminal legal system. So I’ve always been skeptical of mass incarceration, but now I believe more than ever we need to take really significant steps like ending incarceration as a response to simple possession.”

Someone then asked, “On that is that across the board? So if its meth or coke or ecstasy, any drug if it’s possession incarceration isn’t—”

Buttigieg said, “That’s right.” You can watch a clip of Buttigieg’s comments here



  1. The more they come the crazier they get. Does he not care about the thousands who die from drugs and drug related activities? Apparently not? With all the crazy ideas coming from this group, I sure hope and pray that none of them are ever again elected to anything.

  2. Not only is this maggot defying God by being married to another man now he says all drugs should be legal a hat a piece of shot that is running for presidency of our great country, I hope he never gets voted in, Obama the dope smoking crook was bad enough now we have a queer telling us that he doesn’t think druggies should be arrested I just don’t understand the thinking of these idiots in the democratic party I say people WE ARE IN DEEP SHIT IN THE USA.


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